Outdoor Activity Center

We are an open-field activity center catering to groups or individuals who want to experience fun in the outdoors. We believe that being one with nature and friends provide a positive impact on a person.

Our Values

We are Christian in faith and practice. We aim to give meaningful courses while we enjoy the outdoor activities. The courses we offer is available to kids and adults, regardless of their religion or their choice to have none. We welcome everyone to our activity center, and there is absolutely no religious pressure on our visitors. Our only aim is to have fun and learn life lessons.

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Our Location

We are blessed to have the mountains as our backdrop and the beach right in front of our property. Our beachfront property makes it possible to conduct water sports and activities.

Our Staff

We are proud to have committed and helpful staff in our facility. They are trained to facilitate the outdoor activities and even first aid!

We look forward to having fun with you in our center soon!