How to Travel on the Cheap

Traveling has become a growing trend for both the older and current generations. Rising levels in stress towards deadlines, maintaining a job and handling the increase in daily expenses have all ironically paved way to the escalated need to go on a regular escapade.

But traveling isn’t all fun and games. It calls for careful planning, especially that it undeniably involves plenty lot of money. But really, it does not have to. There are many simple ways to trim down your budget for when you want or badly need a change in scenery.

  • Opt for off-season flights. Dedicate time in the day for conducting research. Peak seasons can from place to place. It is common knowledge that flights are more expensive during holidays and special occasions—not to mention that they might be fully booked too. Book flights punctually and in the off-season to save up on finances while avoiding the pressure induced by the crowd of people who are waiting in line.
  • Study the place you are going to beforehand… and jot down plans and ideas for when you arrive. Tourist attractions? Renowned restaurants? Set your schedule. Planning does not only help economically but practically as well. Let your plans be your tour guide to avoid unnecessary confusion and added stress for when you go on your supposedly delightful vacation.
  • Do not be limited by your schedule. Your plans should merely serve as a guide and not restrictions. The difference between the two is apparent. You are on holiday for a reason! Allow yourself to wander out and about. Take time to fully immerse with the place through talking to the locals—who knows they might even have recommendations that aren’t on the internet and are more cost-effective.
  • Sleep doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep in mind that when we sleep, we have our eyes closed. Therefore, what’s important is simply having a safe and quiet place to lay in as you wander away into dreamland. Safety doesn’t have to be expensive—various phone applications are readily accessible. You can filter out any place that’s too expensive while also reading the reviews.
  • Eat cheap. This can be attained by again, talking to the locals. It can be a thrilling, exotic, delicious and tummy-fulfilling experience to try a variety of local food rather than spending on an expensive full meal. Feel free to ask around and go out of the ordinary while keeping those finances at bay.
  • Don’t be in such a hurry. Experience commuting and blindly (but cautiously) travel around like locals too. Stop looking at your schedule and your phone, open your eyes and cherish the unfamiliar environment around you. It is not every day that you can pause and simply breathe in a different kind of atmosphere—the kind that is far from the usual.

Traveling doesn’t have to be so expensive all the time. If you’re willing enough and are not too picky when it comes to trying out new things, venturing out while not overspending is a definite possibility for you, remember that we travel not because we want to be fully comfortable—but because we desire to feel fully alive. To be fully alive, we must step out of our comfort zones and explore the vast world out there.